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Design a wordpress theme from scratch

If you want to create wordpress themes , Photoshop is the best way to design a theme for your blog. In this tutorial I will show you how to design a wordpress theme from scratch. Feel free to use this wordpress theme for your website if you want..

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Display Number of Twitter, Facebook and RSS Subscribers

As you begin to build a build of a subscriber, it may become desirable to start displaying your follower numbers from several avenues, such as your Twitter followers, Facebook fans or your RSS subscribers. It lends some credibility to your site, showing that you’ve already built a decent reader base.

I decided that it was about time that I did this on Do It With WordPress, for the experience (and this tutorial) if nothing else. It actually wasn’t as easy to come up with this information as I had hoped, so I ended up largely crafting these snippets myself to get it just the way I wanted.

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17 Useful WordPress Plugins That You Should Install On Your Own Blog

The great thing about Wordpress is they have tons of plugins that you can download for free. From SEO to Analytics, if there is a feature that you can think of adding to your blog, there is probably already a plugin that was created for that purpose.

Today, I would like to share the 17 really awesome plugins that I personally use to run and operate this website. Without these plugins, this site would not have all the features that it does. Some of these plugins are extremely popular, while others are not as popular, but they are still quite useful.

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Easy as 1-2-3: Widgetize WordPress Themes

Part of what makes WordPress such a user-friendly platform is the endless supply of free widgets. With widgets, you can easily accessorize your blg without any knowledge of coding. (The majority of themes, however, keep this easy-to-use functionality exclusive to sidebars.) I recently widgetized my homepage in three easy steps, and I would like to share the process with you.

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Providing Typography Options in Your WordPress Themes

Most of the premium themes and many free ones come with typography options these days. This means that the end user is allowed to customize their theme by picking a different font in their theme options. Not only does this give more freedom to the end user, but if done correctly, it gives freedom to child theme developers to extend that given list to include any other fonts, which means that you, as the parent theme developer, shouldn’t even bother shipping your theme with over 200 web fonts available from Google.

Today we’re going to look at one of the many different approaches to providing typography options to the end user and child theme developers. We’ll be using Google Web Fonts as our primary web fonts provider and we’ll also look at how WordPress filters and actions can help you provide an interface to child theme developers, so they can easily hook and modify your list.

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24 Well Known and Best PHP Open Source CMS

Open source content management software system presents an attractive option for companies looking for a straightforward solution to a common problem. However, traditional methods of software selection are less helpful in evaluating open source than commercial software. CMS is an application used to manage news easily so that users can publish, edit and delete articles from the backend admin panel.

If you want to start your own website and you don’t want to spend too much to use a CMS, read this article in which I decided to do a roundup of 24 open source Php content management systems, so that readers who don’t have strong PHP knowledge can easily create their website using free and open source CMS.

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40+ Stunning WordPress Portfolio Themes

WordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS platform out there. The vast amount of features and the flexibility it provides, one can create mind blowing themes for it. Here is a round up list of the most stunning WordPress themes, created specifically for displaying your design portfolio.

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How to add a jQuery datepicker to your contact form (WordPress)

I really love the contact form 7 plugin, but there is 1 big thing missing: a datepicker. A datepicker is an easy way to select a date from a popup calendar. Luckily there is jQuery, and with a little bit of php code it’s possible to add a datepicker to your form.

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Free WordPress Themes: 2011 Edition

It’s interesting to look back at our previous WordPress themes round-ups. It’s almost like looking at a visual timeline not only of WordPress’ advances in theme design, but of the rapid development in functionality of the CMS itself. The themes from year to year clearly differ in style as Web design trends have evolved. As each year passes and more functionality is added to WordPress’ core, these improvements are strongly reflected in the themes developed for it.

Once upon a time, all WordPress themes looked like traditional blogs, with basic functionality and not a heck of a lot more. But as you will see from the themes below, that original “blog” design style is clearly gone, perhaps never to be seen again. It makes you feel nostalgic.

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