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GPG – Криптография для новичков

Сейчас много компаний предлагают средства криптографической защиты. Все они по разному работают, защищены и быстры, а некоторые даже сертифицированы в России.

Под Linux, FreeBSD и даже Windows существует программа GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard), являющаяся полноценным аналогом знаменитой PGP. В ней используется алгоритм с закрытым и открытым ключем. Простому пользователю будет весьма сложно работать с ней в консоли, поэтому за время ее существования было написано к ней очень много хороших и удобных интерфейсов.

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How to setup your new VPS Ubuntu server

Every time you purchase a new Linux VPS, you need to go ahead and set it up for use. Even though we manage to do one server a month, we always seem to forget one thing or the other. So we decided to write down the things that we do. I thought it would be a good thing to share it with everybody as well, so that we could get a few comments about what we’re doing wrong, and people who do it the first time can probably pick up a few things from here.

If you haven’t purchased a server yet, I would suggest you go read The Guide to VPS Servers first.

I have a fascination with Ubuntu and I think it’s the easiest to work with, so I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re working on the same too.

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How To Develop Websites On Linux

In this article we will look at tools that can help those of you who want to develop websites on a Linux platform, from powerful text editors to desktop and system features. How do you edit files remotely without FTP plug-ins? What are package managers, and why they are cool? In which Web browsers can you test your applications?

I wish I could cover many more topics: using the command line, basics of Vim, Nautilus features in detail, Nautilus scripting, neat command line tools, basic server configuration and many others. But if I addressed all of the issues that arise from time to time on the Internet, this article would turn into a small book. This isn’t an article on “How to do X or Y on Linux” or “How to use [insert app name here].” And we cannot cover more comprehensive IDEs such as Eclipse and NetBeans, each of which requires separate articles.

You probably already have some idea of how to find and install applications for your favorite distros. However, we will point you to the right place anyway to download, for example, scripts and plug-ins.

So, let’s begin!

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