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jQuery-плагин для множественного выбора из списка

Удобный и гибкий плагин для замены стандартного <select multiple="multiple">...</select>. Симпатичен, имеет встроенный фильт данных при наборе. 

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14 самых популярных плагинов для jQuery (февраль 2013)

Хит-парад из 14 самых популярных плагинов для jQuery на февраль 2013 года.

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15 самых популярных плагинов для jQuery (январь 2013)

Хит-парад из 15 самых популярных плагинов для jQuery на январь 2013 года.

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75+ Tools for Visualizing your Data, CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP

Most people would agree that the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is also true for web based solutions. There should be no discussion – Charts and Graphs are ideal to visualize data in order to quickly deliver an overview and communicate key messages. Whatever type of data presentation you prefer or suits you data (pie charts, bubble charts, bar graphs, network diagrams etc.), there are many different options but how do you get started and what is technologically possible? 

In this article tripwire magazine present more than 75 Tools for Visualizing your data on a website and most of the options available will be covered. If you are aware of a tool, script etc. that deserves to be added to the list I would kindly ask you to leave a comment to everyone’s benefit. 

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Простой урок по созданию галереи на jQuery и PHP

Статья представляет собой урок по созданию симпатичной галереи изображений для вэб-сайта. По сегодняшним меркам, в статье нет ничего сверхестественного, но для начинающих будет весьма полезно.

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KendoUI - потрясающий фреймворк для создания пользовательских интерфейсов

Отличный javascript-фреймворк (основанный на jQuery), позволяющий создавать потрясающие пользовательские интерфейсы для ваших вэб- и мобильных приложений.

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Facebook Timeline Design using JQuery and CSS

I know what my readers are expecting from 9lessons blog, after long time I'm going to discuss about Jquery usage. Facebook timeline design makes big revolution in social networking world and it gives new feel to the user profile pages. In this post I want to explain how simple I had implemented this design with Jquery and CSS. Try this demo with modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari (IE is dead).

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22 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of 2011

Since jQuery was released in 2006, it has changed the way we think of JavaScript. And because of its simplicity, it has motivated many enthusiastic developers to create thousands of useful plugins and extends its functionality. Now, lets go through some of the most popular jQuery plugins of 2011 as It's almost over.

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An Alternative to Pagination : Facebook and Twitter Style

As your website grows, it is no longer practical to display all the data at once on the same page. Moreover, the end user will probably be interested with only part of the content. Also, loading all the content at once might increase the server load or simply a waste of bandwidth. This is where pagination comes into play.

First, I am not too sure how you should call this thing that you are going to learn about but its goal is similar to a usual pagination, That is, to display partial content and to save bandwidth! This article is about how to create a similar stuff to twitter and Facebook’s way of displaying data.

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JQuery Events Calendar

wdCalendar is a javascript event calendar. Simply to say, this jquery plugin is google calendar clone, which is similar to desktop calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook or iCal on Mac OS X. It’s easy for users to view, add, and drag-and-drop events from one date to another. It supports view modes such as daily, weekly, monthly. It is very powerful yet easy to use & integrate with php, asp.net, jsp and RoR.

jQuery events calendar

wdCalendar AJAX Calendar Features

  • Build on the most popular javascript library, Jquery. Implemented as a jQuery plugin.
  • Day/week/month/yearly view provided with shared events.
  • Create/update/remove events by drag & drop.
  • Driven by AJAX, aasy to add appointment location/attendee/host/etc without web page refresh.
  • Users can “quick add” calendar events by typing “Dating with Chile”, for example.
  • Easy way to integrate with database.
  • All day event/more days/cross-day events provided.
  • Works in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera & Chrome
  • Integrates with any back-end technology, zend framework, cakephp, codeigniter
  • Open source (GPL v3) / MIT , same as jQuery

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